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3.3.5 Repack Latest trinitycore WITH CATA/MOP ZONES&ITEMS

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#1 Kalimdor


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Posted 24 January 2015 - 12:34 PM

Hello everyone, After spending a good portion of my time getting cata/mop items to work with the latest version of trinitycore 3.3.5 I decided to make a repack with it all included to spare people the headache I went through.I will also be fixing the known issues and adding some new things so check occasionally for updates.

Server Features:
Latest version of trinity core 3.3.5
Nearly all of the items from cata/mop working without red ? error
All Cata/Mop zones (not spawned) with updated stormwind and orgrimmar
Cata/Mop mounts working (no flying in azeroth yet)

Before I even begin, I would like to give all credit where credit is due.

1. StoneHarry: Who pointed me in the right direction to finding all I needed to get started.
2. AnthonysToolBox; For taking months of his time to rip all the files and package them all together for us, with out whom none of this would be possible.
3. Valkryst; for re-uploading the patches to a dedicated direct host.
4. Me(spleee101): for fixing the sqls to work with the latest version of trinity, and uploading a server for all you guys :P.

The password for the repack download is: ownedcore

1. Download the server files here (this includes the dbc,maps,vmaps, and mmaps) and download this additional patch file here

2. If you have not already installed them you must install OpenSSL 32bit and Mircrosoft C++ 2008 Redistributables.
These files are found in the required Files folder included in the repack.
3. cut/copy the patch-E.MPQ and patch-S.MPQ file to the data folder of your wow 3.3.5 install directory.

Explanation for patch files: Patch-E.MPQ contains data for the mount and item models, however the imported log in screen messed up
the ability to use mount so patch-S.MPQ is used to correct this issue.(I plan to fix this in an updated version)

Section 1: Basic Server Installation

1. Extract the folder to your preferred location, I always prefer the root of the C: drive.

2. open the _server folder and run MySQL.

3. Navigate to the core folder and run authserver and world server

4. Go to your wow folder and find the realmlist.wtf file located in data/enus(differs based on installed language)
and change to

5. Navigate to the root of your wow folder and delete the cache folder (you only need to do this once)
6. Login using username: admin password: test

Section 2: Adding the new zones

the above will allow you to use mounts and items from mop/cata but does not include the files needed to visit the zones
to add them you must download all the below patches and is 9GB in size.

1. download patch-4.mpq, patch-5.mpq, patch-6.mpq, Patch-7.mpq

2. Like the other patches simply add them to your data folder

3. it's a good idea to delete your cache folder again if you played before adding these files.

I will add more ports to the list below or if you find your own you can post them and they will be added. Here are a few below Thanks to Anthony
.go xyz 1458.18 3468.67 181 860 - Wandering isle

.go xyz -1021.39 -3273 23.5443 996 - Terrace of endless spring

.go xyz 970.769 -2410.05 168.598 870 - Pandaria

.go xyz -376.629 206.844 50.8031 720 - Firelands

.go xyz -954.89 454.123 52.8914 644- Halls of Orgination

.go xyz 3300.73 -4836.68 181.08 939 - Well of Eternity

Section 3: Adding SQL's To Your Server

1. You must have the latest version of trinity core.

2. Download the sql files here. and you will need the modified DBC folder which is here

3. with your preferred database program import both the sqls to your world DB. item_template will take some time.(being addressed now)
BE WARNED: Currently the creature_template sql will delete your current creature_template table and add the new one.
Which is the same as normal blizzlike just with the added info. just remember to back up any custom stuff you may have
in this table.

Section 4: Known Bugs

Let me start off by saying this is not a flawless patch. While it is stable some items may not work as intended or be broken
I will be working on improving the item ids and creature sqls, but they were from a very old version of trinity and needed work
and while i got them working it could be better, and i will improve them and post updated sqls. However it is currently known that...

1.if played on lower setting users will experience texture issues in the added zones.

2. Because of the lighting system introduced in the new expansions The shadows in these places (mostly MOP) can have several problems
such as the shadows following the camera or shadow pop ins. This can be corrected by turning shadows off/lowering them however this can
cause some texture problems.
3. Yes the water setting is changed to be more clear, this can be fixed and will be in a later version or you can change it your self :P.

4. Some mounts may not be found in item search, if this occurs look for the spell to learn the mount using the .learn XXX command .

5. Places such as orgrimmar may not have npcs in the right spots anymore due to the newly added zones of the patches. If this
is a serious bother to you the only option you have is to either fix it all or to delete patches 4-7 and not use the new zones, as
I have no plans to fix this issue. on a positive note only places that this really applies to are ORG and SW.

6. DO NOT GO TO GM ISLAND... probably should have been first on the list. Currently causes client to crash.(no current plans to fix)

7. Flying mounts will only work in pandaria and cata zones if .gm on is used.

8. Server is stable and will not crash but expect other odd things in new zones if you added them such as random fatigue bars and etc.(will look into)

9. Failing to add patch-S.mpq will result in you being unable to use the newly added mounts. this is fixed by adding the patch and deleting the cache folder.

Section 5: Some Pics

Cloud serpents


Dire horns

le Scorpion

99999 Problems But A Bone-White Primal Raptor Ain't One Of Em
jeweled panthers

Loading screen

Temple of the jade Serpent

Working Map

Unshattered Vale of Eternal Blossoms
More from the Vale

What a tree

One more cool cloud serpent

Intro screen if you dont like it change it


original posted by spleee101

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#2 moonpaladin



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Posted 15 April 2015 - 07:05 AM

Hello this is a very good guide, but the patch-4,5,6,7.MPQ are not available can you reload it again? please.

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#3 Thalles Alves_6447

Thalles Alves_6447


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Posted 15 April 2015 - 11:33 AM

10389010_816191155086481_28468720704533110801565_816191695086427_650243046557717954830_816191751753088_6470648585909431110846157_816192265086370_84413934172285810474801_816191151753148_35947077759487410325556_816192211753042_30432787460857010690127_813964961975767_67012585352313010421595_813965071975756_902238052319313199001_813965148642415_1809057195261503310174843_813965015309095_84272678484084010346215_819181048120825_865820670894347al Friend I have the patch MPQ stayed in my Mega if you order I have already this Repach ready with items of Pandaria Cataclysm and I made many Npc with Items and Boss tanbemguase all intance I already prepared everything organizes gave me a lot more work could and ask descupa to and the friend who did Repack, because I'll post it free soon so tou finishing ageitar the rest stick to one hundred MAISS not time here to finish explaining the rest, I have to go to work now stick

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#4 moonpaladin



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Posted 15 April 2015 - 03:05 PM

Man please upload it! Im searching in many pages and in all pages the links of MPQ are broken! Thanks for all!

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#5 Thalles Alves_6447

Thalles Alves_6447


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Posted 16 April 2015 - 02:44 AM

I will post a Repack Cata / Mop with many new games...


Repack Info :
Core : TrinityCore
DB Revision : TDB 335.54
Realms: HS-WoW Instant 80 Funserver


Realm Info : 

Realm Name: HS-WoW Instant 80 Funserver
Gamebuild: 3.3.5 -- Wrath of the Lich King --
Gametype: Normal -- PvP & PvE --
Start Level: 80


Ranks :

DB Ranks :
GMLevel 0 = Player
GMLevel 1 = Donator
GMLevel 2 = Trial GM
GMLevel 3 = GM
GMLevel 4 = Head GM
GMLevel 5 = Developer
GMLevel 6 = Administrator
GMLevel 7 = Head Admin
GMLevel 8 = Co-Owner
GMLevel 9 = Owner


World Chat has the same Ranks!

Login info:
Login Database Info
Network type : MySQL ( TCP / IP )
Hostname/IP : Localhost or
Port : 3306
User : root
password : ascent


In-Game Info:

I am not sure if there is any accounts at the time. You will have to create one in the worldserver.exe incase
there are none.


Repack more info :

4.0.3 - 5.2 Mounts and Items (Patch Included)
Custom Buff command
World Chat System
Teleporter NPC
Custom Season Gear.
Custom Extended Cost (Included DBC and Patch)
Buff NPC
Donor / Vote NPC's
Custom PvE Questing Zone
Custom Duel Reset
Dueling Zone - With PvP Disabled
Welcome Quest
Mount Vendor
All in One Weapon Trainer
Beastmaster NPC
Custom Commands:
-- World Chat Commands --


-- Custom Buff Command --

Donor / Vote NPC's
Gear is created. To enchant this gear you will need the included Patch file!
Hidden Content



JadaDev - Repack Template
Jeutie - MySQL, Apache Control Panel
Parranoia - Worldchat (Updated by Chostcrawler)
Valtorei - Beastmaster NPC


Download HERE


these are the details please wait I finished hosting the PATCH-MPQ ...

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#6 moonpaladin



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Posted 16 April 2015 - 07:21 AM

:C! link is broken "404 not found" omg xd!

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#7 Thalles Alves_6447

Thalles Alves_6447


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Posted 16 April 2015 - 12:42 PM

later I will stay here everything right you will be feiz
stou ending to host stick more vouto here asim to finish

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#8 moonpaladin



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Posted 16 April 2015 - 12:46 PM

Someone can upload the maps! and creatures! please! Thanx

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#9 Thalles Alves_6447

Thalles Alves_6447


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Posted 16 April 2015 - 02:53 PM

later to put to upload the maps! and creatures! database and etc: it is only you that I will wait for everything right here ok not poso be faster because my Internete is very slow so it's so wait beauty11138546_1419653615017693_71955868727841

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#10 moonpaladin



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Posted 16 April 2015 - 07:47 PM


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#11 fr4nc090



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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:17 PM

anyone have links on mega ?

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